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About -The Teen Intervention Program




The Teen Intervention Program is a non-profit, community service organization. Its mission is to promote positive change in the lives of school-age children. Most of the individuals involved in this program have displayed various anti-social behavior, including substance abuse and gang activity, or are at risk of disrupting community peace and safety. 


TIP operates in conjunction with the Compton schools, social services, courts, and law enforcement agencies.



TIP offers elements to induce changes in attitude, behavior, and outlook. The program utilizes tours of correctional facilities and engagement with selected forward-thinking inmates, juvenile justice agencies, recovering individuals, community-based and law enforcement agencies, and successful community members. TIP is also involved in sports events offered through the Sheriff's Youth Athletic League, county parks, and other agencies that put youth first. 


Our commitment is to offer services that improve the lives of youths, therefore improving the entire community.

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