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Our Responsibilities

1.  Crisis Intervention - Build a trusting relationship with individuals in the community, including parents, peers, and residents. We attempt to place ourselves in a position where we are the first to learn of impending violent situations; or a student(s) who exhibit dangerous behavior such as fighting, carrying weapons, gang involvement. TIP staff will attempt to intervene directly with the youths, utilizing face-to-face meetings, interaction with family members, and seeking assistance from various community resources.


2.  Identification of appropriate Services - TIP staff work with the community and network of social service agencies to identify the most appropriate service to meet the needs of the targeted youth and their families, including parenting skills, conflict resolution, job training, substance abuse counseling, and participation in sports activities.  Our goal is to make available and coordinate community services that will enrich the lives of teen and their families.


3.  Identification Of Pertinent Issues - We understand that providing individuals with a positive environment begins with their families. Our staff attempts to identify problem areas and provide access to the appropriate professional group. Our staff looks for triggers that might lead to a crisis situation including anti-social behavior, drug abuse, as well as situations that may signal a lack of parental supervision.


Our hope is to also give the youth in the city of Compton an opportunity to become involved with a program that promotes academic achievement, financial independence, and community involvement.

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